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Scripture Praying
Scripture Praying With Personalized Texts in MSWord
Scripture Praying With Personalized Texts in PDF
Scripture Praying

“Scriptures for Worship Based Prayer”
Some Scripture Texts are revised for personalization.
Also there outlines that help use the Scripture for Prayer.

Instructions for Use
Scripture Praying make us more Biblical. What could be
more appropriate? Using God’s Word as a base to interact
with Him assures that our communication is successful
and honors Him. Scripture Praying is not just reading the
Scripture in a spiritual frame of mind. Scripture Praying is
not like reading a prayer. When Scripture Praying we put
ourselves into the Scripture and the Scriptures into
ourselves and let what it is saying become our heart felt
desire that we then express as from our heart to God’s
heart. If using the prayers written by man can be helpful
how much more so what God has written.

Personalize the Word as you read it.
Ponder the Word.
Internalize the Word.
Mediate on its personal meaning.
Own it and Express it as our own.

Scripture Praying uses the Scripture as an outline for our
prayer. What it says about God – we say. What the writer of
Scripture says in the prayer we make that out prayer, i.e.
follow his example thought for thought make it fit our life
circumstances. When we Scripture Pray it will cause us,
and those who hear, us to grow in our knowledge and
appreciation of God.

Using God’s Words in prayer is necessary for both private
prayer and for corporate prayer. This method has extra
benefits when used in corporate prayer. It sets the tone for
the meeting, gives the Holy Spirit more liberty to use the
Word, and it teaches others (especially those immature in
prayer) how to worship in prayer. When we use the
Scripture to give us content for our prayer we then are able
to extol God as He really is and to acknowledge ourselves
as we really are.
It is important that we pray out loud. Doing so puts more of
our sensory faculties to work giving us greater
concentration and more through expression.

The table of contents in Judson Cornwall’s book Praying
the Scriptures is: Praying the Scriptures Introduces Us to
Prayer, Invites Us to Prayer, Involves Us in Prayer, Instructs
Us in Prayer, Illustrates Prayer, Initiates Our Prayer,
Inspires Our Prayer, Illuminates Our Prayer, Increases Our
Prayer, Insures Our Prayer, Becomes an Ingredient of
Prayer, Gives Intelligence to Our Prayer, Gives Imagery to
Our Prayer, Gives Identification to Our Prayer, Gives
Intonation to Our Prayer, Gives Intensity to Our Prayer,
Gives Intimacy to Our Prayer, Gives Incense to Our Prayer,
Gives Intercession to Our Prayer, Gives Immorality to Our

It is recommended that you print this list of Scripture
Prayers and take it with you to both secret prayer and
corporate prayer and use it to pray with God’s thoughts. It
is hoped that the user will add his own personalized
Scriptures to this list. Ultimately the believer needs to use
the entire Bible for “Scripture Praying”.